Transform your home this eAster!

Transform your home this eAster!
Make your home EGGS-tra special!

EGGselent ways to transform your living room for £250 this eAster!

Spring has sprung and you’re ready to transform your living room, so let’s hop to the shop and make your living room eggs-tra special! Adding style and character to your living room doesn’t need to be a huge expensive chore, just by adding little accessories can bring life to a room and really make an impact. We will also include links to our EGGS-lusive interior favourites to give you an idea on how you can transform your home with £250!

There are plenty of different interior trends coming in this Spring Summer that can all be budget friendly and affordable! Introducing patters, bold colours and statement lighting are just some of the current favourites and we are big fans of them too!

Light it up

Lighting can instantly set the mood in a room, whether it’s a statement centralized chandelier or a unique floor lamp. Modern style shadeliers with decorative beads and jewels have become very popular and are often used to make a statement within living areas and bedrooms. Many retailers with a home section boast a variety of light styles! If you don’t like the hanging jewels; you can always go for the very modern pendant ring light or candle style chandeliers to give the living room a little edge! If you have a bit of extra room in your living room, maybe a corner that you’re not sure what to fill with, floor lamps can be the perfect solution to set the style in a room; whilst providing ambient lighting! Shadelier – Next - £35

Accessorize your sofa

Styling up your sofa and bringing personality in to an area can be made easy with cushions; they can give the needed colour or pattern pop to brighten up a neutral room. Gone are the days of having just two matching cushions on the sofa, we absolutely love mixing up the size, style, textures and even sometimes the colour of scatter cushions as this can make more of a statement. Light and pastel colours are always a nice touch in the Spring, especially if this matches other features in the room such as a rug or a throw. A chunky knit or a soft throw is also a great addition to a sofa, you can add style by draping it over the arms or the back as a feature on the sofa. – Evan Throw - Dunelm £18 – Pom Pom Edge Cushion – Next £12 - Diamond Geo Cushion – Next £16 – Collection Luxe Glimmer Cushion – Next £20

Make an impact

By putting a rug in the living room, this can create a focal point. A stylish rug can inject colour and pattern in to a room, especially if the room has a neutral style and needs something to make it pop! The impact the rug has on the living room will also depend on the size; one little hack we love is to use newspaper to cover the floor space to see what size and area you would like to cover. Loop Stripe Rug – Next - From £55 – Knitted pod - £70

So now you’ve seen how we’d transform a living room with £250, how would you transform yours? We’ll be giving away a £250 voucher to one lucky Aster home owner, all you need to do to enter is share your shared ownership home pics with us and tag #ThisSoThing to enter! Exciting right? We’re just as excited as you are as we love to see how you style your homes!